✧ la venganza es dulce, ¿sabes? ✧


✧ he/him | 18 | latino | gay ✧

"we don't kill the living"

hewwo, i'm hunter. i'm 18 years old, i'm gay, and i'm really awkward. i tend to have a difficult time interacting with others and i usually get very exhausted after speaking, so i'm sorry if i sometimes come off as distant for a few days! sometimes i might come off as snappy, i'm just not used to social interaction. please be patient with me.

learn more about me in "more about me" or go to "comfort charas" to see the characters i hold close to me <3


✧ my mercy ... prevails over my wrath ✧


i'm half mexican half white, but due to my close relationship with mexican culture, i prefer to identify as latino! i've always grown up around the mexican culture, so it's very close and apart of me as a person.

i've been drawing since as long as i could remember, but i first started doing digital art roughly in the year 2012. i got into art through deviantart, but due to most of my old friends leaving that site, i decided to part from it as well.

while art is close to me, it's not my choice of career. i plan to work my way up into the medical field!


✧ dogs
✧ birds
✧ churros
✧ science
✧ markiplier
✧ the walking dead


✧ cold weather
✧ being randomly touched
✧ deep bodies of water
✧ loud sounds / yelling
✧ being pressured
✧ constantly spoken to


do not interact with me if any of this applies to you.

  • pedophile / map / nomap / pedo supporter

  • zoophile / zoophile supporter

  • fujoshi

  • homophobic

  • transphobic

  • racist

  • ableist

  • alcoholic


all of these characters mean a lot to me. some are problematic but i literally cannot control whos a comfort character, my brain just clicks with them

negan is my top comfort character, don't ask me why because i don't know either

rick grimes
rick is another top comfort character of mine, i luv him to bits. stinky cowboy man

rk900 / nines is also a top comfort character, though i prefer rick and negan more :3

arthur morgan
arthur is a comfort character of mine! i don't really focus on him too much but i love him

john marston
i prefer john from the first red dead, but second red dead is okay too